Monday, April 27, 2020

Antonia... Episode 2

One Good Day...

I was trying to face the outside world(I mean after graduation everything just seems really clear to you and somehow you realize that you have to man up and get a life out of life somehow).

I never forget about Dave... I searched everywhere for him, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere, but he was no where to be found.  I tried the number I had of him on several occasions but it never connected.

I thought he promised me that we had a future together. I felt betrayed somehow. So,this is how they break up in his village abi? Omo, some guys are wicked; just when they know you love them,they treat you like a piece of shit. Smh. I was deeply hurt I can't even lie.

I stumbled on one of his friends on Facebook and I asked him if he was in touch with his friend Dave and he affirmed that he just got off the phone with him... Really? 

So this guy is still alive and didn't even bother to find me? Hmmmm
What did I do to actually deserve such treatment from him. These were just thoughts... questions I needed answers to but I needed to ask the right person (Dave).

I sha stayed calm as I spoke to his friend and pleaded that he shared his contact with me which he did without hesitation. I took the number and somehow didn't call after five days. 

Did I hear you say "why"?

What would I have done, just call asap? No way, I felt betrayed. I called anyways and he didn't even sound happy to hear from me. Hmmm, what's happening? How did I miss the story at some point? We never had issues na, I mean we were cool even after we left the four walls of the university. 

I kept on calling him non-stop.
I asked him to drop his address as I needed to have a chat with him as I felt there were stuff he needed to tell me. I mean, I felt all he needed was to see me and we'll get everything fixed up. Little did I know that I was already baking a cake for the devil's incarnate. 

Gosh! I hate men...

He told me how he he's not the same person I knew then, he said life didn't treat him well, he lost both his parents and was homeless at some point until a friend took him in. He said a whole lot of things that day and I felt really bad for him. 

I was happy he finally could open up to me. So I told him I was looking forward to seeing him. I need to see you David, we need to talk. I mean, I still love you and want us to work things out. He tried talking me out of it but I insisted. It's over 4years we fell out of communication and I felt I knew him still. Smh

The deal day...

Episode 3 drops tomorrow... Do you think you know what will happen?

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The Amazing said...

Hmmmmm... I will try and be patient till tomorrow
Anto If you don't finish this story by tomorrow you will hear from my babalawo

Ebisidor Ann said...


She definitely will

Browne Faith said...

I really can't predict what would happen in the next chapter. Just can't wait for tomorrow ☺️
Great job so far, Aunty Ebi ♥️♥️

Unknown said...

Sis of life this is inspiring,I cant wait for next chapter...
Keep it up

Ebisidor Ann said...

The next episode is ready for your click