Saturday, May 9, 2020

Facebook Love By Abigail E. Osunde

Facebook Love By Abigail E. Osunde

We were already selling footwears to save up for our marriage before we met in person! 

Ah! Love is sweet. Sweeter when you meet on Facebook. 

3 years down the line laughter still fills our home… oh and our little fella who thinks the world revolves around him. 

I heared someone say the first two years would be awful… that didn't happen. 

Another kind friend insisted I read at least a few books on marriage, certainly didn't do that!

 ( what is this, a college application?) 

and If this isn't happiness, I don't know what is.

Now I'm not by any means saying "don't listen to advice,"  or "don't read books" neither am I saying my marriage is perfect.. BUT! 

See that Life isn't black and white. There is no perfect  human custodian of life's issues anywhere.. What we have are choices, motive, consequences.  

What do YOU choose for yourself? 

What are your motives? 

Are you ready to bear the consequences of those choices? 

If your answer to the last question is yes, then that choice is of great value to you.. Stick to it. 

I mean if you buy a  phone with your last dime  and it blows up in your face, you can live with your mistake right? 

.. Now what if your mom takes your last dime, without asking you first, buys you a phone, and it blows up in your face? 🤐 

This is pretty much what it will be like letting other people make choices for you based on their "superior" knowledge. No one knows your heart like you do ♥. 

No one loves you better than you do… except for God of course. Do well to make Him top priority in all your life's decisions. 

Have faith in God, have faith in yourself, have faith in your choices I dare say! Be resilient. 

If  things get shaky, chin up that's life,

 IT WILL Pass.. 

Ps: if you'd like to read about our first meeting… how it went, lol, thumbs up, share… 

You'll probably need some pointers to shoot your own shot. Cheers! 

-Abigail E. 
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Antonia Episode 3

Antonia Episode 3

I want to ask you today as I'm really confused at this point... Can you really like someone and then hurt their feelings at the end of the day? Is it possible for you to say goodbye to a relationship that meant everything to you? Oh oh! I am probably thinking too much and talking out loud at this moment. I will just proceed with my story.

Yes I know I was a young girl and needed to focus on more important things, but then again,I think i was on track. My friends back then had many relationships but I kept just one and treasured it with everything I had. What happened to us still baffles me. I really wished I knew what the problem was, that way fixing it would have been much easier. 

If to say i know, I for stay for my house jejeje o... *Sad*

I got there that day and I wasn't happy to see him anymore... For some reason,he has changed completely, looking so unkept and the environment was nothing to write home about. What was I even expecting sef, oga has told me things were hard for him so why am I even complaining or expecting something out of this world. I managed to act comfortable as he offered me a bottle of Malt and Digestive biscuits. 

While, I was eating and we were visiting,, i noticed two guys walked in and he introduced me to them as his girlfriend and all and we exchanged pleasantries well. They sat for a moment and then left. I and Dave gisted and laughed about everything that day, I was really happy that I got my Bobo back o,(In my mind).

Few minutes after the Laughs, oga turned and looked at me and started pleading that I allowed him into my private area....omo, as as what na, I was really shocked. I was still a virgin and decided that I wasn't giving it to anyone anymore until marriage. I reminded him of everything and all his promises but I guess the Dave then and now are two different people. 

Before I knew it, the two guys that lefy before, came in with two other guys and they became 5 including my so called boyfriend...

 They gang raped me!!!
How I managed to leave there after that day still baffles me because I remember vividly how a good Samaritan helped me get home from the junction that day. According to her, it was late in the night and I was all by myself looking weak and used to point zero so she helped me get home. I am still in touch with her till date and she also encouraged me through the healing process. 

I am not completely strong emotionally but one thing I know is that I hate men with a passion. Now you see my reason for hating men right? Tell me who wouldn't after such maltreatment. Till date, I and Dave have never spoken and I don't intend to. 

Gang raped an innocent virgin like me... I still live in regret and pain till date. I pray I heal fast. This is my story and I'm glad I could share it with you today. 

What's your thought about this story, should we blame Anto?

Did you see this end?
Please, kindly drop your comments below. 

Thank you. 

Your story can be next to be told...just reach out to me on or call 08166388260. All you need do is share your experience and watch me tell the story. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Antonia... Episode 2

Antonia... Episode 2

One Good Day...

I was trying to face the outside world(I mean after graduation everything just seems really clear to you and somehow you realize that you have to man up and get a life out of life somehow).

I never forget about Dave... I searched everywhere for him, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere, but he was no where to be found.  I tried the number I had of him on several occasions but it never connected.

I thought he promised me that we had a future together. I felt betrayed somehow. So,this is how they break up in his village abi? Omo, some guys are wicked; just when they know you love them,they treat you like a piece of shit. Smh. I was deeply hurt I can't even lie.

I stumbled on one of his friends on Facebook and I asked him if he was in touch with his friend Dave and he affirmed that he just got off the phone with him... Really? 

So this guy is still alive and didn't even bother to find me? Hmmmm
What did I do to actually deserve such treatment from him. These were just thoughts... questions I needed answers to but I needed to ask the right person (Dave).

I sha stayed calm as I spoke to his friend and pleaded that he shared his contact with me which he did without hesitation. I took the number and somehow didn't call after five days. 

Did I hear you say "why"?

What would I have done, just call asap? No way, I felt betrayed. I called anyways and he didn't even sound happy to hear from me. Hmmm, what's happening? How did I miss the story at some point? We never had issues na, I mean we were cool even after we left the four walls of the university. 

I kept on calling him non-stop.
I asked him to drop his address as I needed to have a chat with him as I felt there were stuff he needed to tell me. I mean, I felt all he needed was to see me and we'll get everything fixed up. Little did I know that I was already baking a cake for the devil's incarnate. 

Gosh! I hate men...

He told me how he he's not the same person I knew then, he said life didn't treat him well, he lost both his parents and was homeless at some point until a friend took him in. He said a whole lot of things that day and I felt really bad for him. 

I was happy he finally could open up to me. So I told him I was looking forward to seeing him. I need to see you David, we need to talk. I mean, I still love you and want us to work things out. He tried talking me out of it but I insisted. It's over 4years we fell out of communication and I felt I knew him still. Smh

The deal day...

Episode 3 drops tomorrow... Do you think you know what will happen?

Kindly drop your comments below.

Saturday, April 25, 2020



"Anto...Anto... Your phone is ringing."

Oh noooo! I hate to be disturbed abeg. You know how much I hate it when someone wakes me up from sleep. Aaargh. 

I'll check the phone now, it'll be one person I don't even want to hear from. (Picks up the phone to check who it was and it was just as predicted).
My name is Antonia. I'm just a calm girl in my early twenties and I hate men so much. Yes! I hate them with a passion. Like I have no trust for any man. They are just crazy set of people with no atom of trustworthiness in them. 

Don't worry, I'll tell you why. I know you're already thinking what they did to me. I'll tell you,just chill and read. I've decided to share my experience today and it's not in your place to judge me. Just read through...

Getting admission into the university at a very tender age was lovely. I mean I was only 14 when I got into the university. Everything was just sharp sharp as I was not a dull girl and my parents supported me through it all. We're not very rich and we're not poor as well;  we could fit in the middle class and that was perfect for me. 

My parents were not perfect at all but they were the best that ever happend to me. I think there was just something more I needed. A bestie! 

Yes... I needed someone I could tell just anything and not get judged. I wanted someone to hold me,love me,care for me and be there for me always. This bestie is not a girl o, should be a guy ehh.

Yes, I got the bestie. I mean the best bestie anyone can pray to have. He was the dopest guy I ever met. You know the TDH(Tall, Dark and Handsome) type of guy. He was a cute guy. As a lady bah, you can't just pass by him, you must turn to have another glimpse. Perfect creation of God.
We started as friends and somehow we both wanted more. You know that point where your bestie seems to be the best person to fill the love vaccum in your life. Are you asking yourself why a young girl like me was all about love at that age and time? Please, don't be deceived o, the young ones need this love more and they go in search for it no matter what it takes. We do not need only Icecream and cake all the time. We sometimes need hugs, cuddles and kisses.. yes, kisses. The love from home is not always enough most of the time.

Okay, okay, do I sound like a bad girl now...I hope you're not thinking of me as a bad Badoo baddest girl  I was just a young girl wanting to explore. It happens to every young persn as soon as they tick chapter 18, for some persons,it happens before then. So,I wasn't a complete bad girl o, there were still things I did not know about or even indulged in at that time. Just to tell you sef,I was a virgin at that time until...hehehehe

I'll tell you in the next episode. 
I'll tell you some more about my bestie...

I am Antonia and I hate men so much. 

Don't miss the next episode... It's getting hotter. The end of it will shock you. We have two more episodes to go... 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Take a chill pill.

Take a chill pill.

Message of relief... This piece is a must read!

Dear Nigerians,  

Today, I have the peace to drop my thoughts on the Covid-19 saga that has hit us hard as a nation. 

Sips a chilled drink (don't worry the kind of drink; what matters is that it's chilled). Come close, let's get the gist.

This one got us hard!!! I think we were not prepared for this at all; chaos, confusion, pain, questions that cannot be answered everywhere... Everyone is just shouting for Mercy and help from the Supreme One.

I know many countries are counting many lives lost at the moment, but how many lives have we lost in Nigeria? I'll save you the stress by reminding you, just two cases and that is offcourse one person who had health issues already ... Do not get me wrong here, I do feel sorry for those directly related to them offcourse. I am only saying while many countries are counting thousands, we're just counting two people. 

I say it with full convictions that God's love for this country is deep. He loves you as a person and then loves us as  Nigerians;I really cannot fathom the love but this love keeps me going; knowing that Someone loves us regardless of our carelessness, nonchalant attitudes to many sensitive things and Ignorance most times about the personality of this person who loves us Unconditionally.

Some people think this is about the coming of Jesus Christ but this is not the thought of my darling friend Lamide;  "Well everything is leading to that ... 
but he isn’t coming now though 

I remember Dr Myles Munroe talking about that. Cause the gospel hasn’t reach all the world"

Let me ask you this question today, before Covid-19, what were you doing,I mean about having or maintaining a good relationship with your maker? Why the sudden fear? Covid-19 or not, it is expedient that you maintain a solidified relationship with God always. 

May God give the families of those who have lost lives the fortitude to bear their losses. To those battling with the virus at the moment, may they all come out stronger. My prayer for us self isolating, may this virus not see us... I pray that after this pandemic, our family members, friends and loved ones won't missing. 

One last thing before I go today, as you self isolate, please pray for those fighting so hard to heal from the virus,not forgetting the health workers who are risking it all to look out for Covid-19 patients. The most important thing you must do at this time is to kill fear,as a matter of fact, fear kills faster than the virus. Please, stay safe as we stay hopeful.

*My name is Ebijanded and I Care about You.*

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Dear Woman, you're loved.

Dear Woman, you're loved.

Hello everyone, please pardon my long silence. But, I am super excited to be here today to make another amazing post. 

Today, this post is to encourage that special woman out there who is tired of me, when I say I understand how you feel.

Women are amazing beings I must confess. Strong, creative, powerful, supportive and distinct. God bless all women for staying strong. One thing I want all women to know is that words cannot describe your worth and essence.

Personally,I have lived all my life through self validation and i must confess that it has helped me in many great ways.

Let's talk about Validation and Self validation.

Validation means to express understanding and acceptance of another person's internal experience, whatever that might be. ... Self-validation is accepting your own internal experience, your thoughts, and your feelings.Self-validation doesn't mean that you believe your thoughts or think your feelings are justified.

How do you validate yourself?

Accept your feelings without judgment.
Sit with your emotions without reacting to them. Don't tell yourself how you should feel. Accept how you do feel in the moment because you always have a right to feel. Comfort yourself the way a concerned and compassionate parent would.

Never seek validation from anyone...

What does it mean to seek validation? - The world's favorite online dictionary! defines the term “validate” as “to make valid/confirm/ Substantiate”. Hence seeking validation from othersmeans asking someone to confirm/substantiate/validateyour actions/words/work/your being/ your anything that you want others' confirmation on.

Tips that enhance self validation.

#practice self love
#learn to accept who you are as you make conscious effort in becoming better everyday
#Develop a greater sense of self worth
#Try to understand why you're seeking approval and channel it rightly
#Trust yourself and the process
#stop comparing yourself to others... you're you and that's fine.
#stay in practice. Keep practicing self validation, self love and everything positive.
#Take a break from social media media. This one right here is necessary trust me. Social media can make you feel less sometimes or make you feel like you're on a pause it slow motion.
#stay in tune with your inner voice.

Don't ever seek validation from anyone. Remember they will not always be there. Be your own cheerleader as you progress through life.

Oftentimes when I hear women passing through pains, hurts, humiliation and rejection either from a marriage or relationship, it grieves my heart. Women are not meant to be treated in any way less. They ought to be cherished,respected and valued regardless of her defects and shortcomings. Men go through same stuff too but I think women just go through so much. You'll be fine my darling.

Please, stay encouraged and know you're loved.
I celebrate you now and always. See you soon as we get ready to drop a blog series titled ANTONIA... You will love this one! Peace and love.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Intentional 2020

Intentional 2020

We are here already... The 2020 we've been waiting for. I don't believe in new year resolutions sha. If you do, kindly come through and tell me why you believe in it. Meanwhile,I am super excited I'm here blogging and sharing this space with you again. 

Hale and hearty! 

Strong and wiser!

More courageous and God centered!

Indeed,it can only be God.

Before,I proceed, let me wish you Happy New Year  from the depth of my heart❤️. This 2020 go make sense for us by God's grace. Amen!

One major reason I don't believe in new year resolutions is the way people forget to put to practice/work all they scribbled down in their beautiful diaries. 

I mean before mid year, people are tired of living by their resolutions. So I ask,why did you tell yourself you were going to do this and that, when it wouldn't be long,you would be forgetting all you promised to do? Abeg, let's stop stressing ourselves joo...hehehe

The year has started already, my only advice is that you be a better version of your last year's self. Shikena! Be better in every aspect of your life. If I have to use one of my favorite lines, Just be intentional about everything. Don't be too emotional this year;don't get me wrong,be emotional when the need arises but don't bring emotions into things that require brevity, wisdom, positive actions for progress sake. Let it be an intentional 2020 for you.

Emotions can mislead you but being intentional will give you peace and progress. I wish you a 2020 filled with joy, happiness, progress, lots of smiles, good health and everything good and nice. 

Thank you for coming through to read my first piece for the year. I hope to journey through this year with you as we unveil the janded stuff we have for you. My team and I are ready to wow you! 

Kindly,drop a comment below to share your view on the new year resolution thingy or at least to wish me A Happy New year. Lots of love.