Thursday, March 9, 2017

Though it hurts... Her last words as she watched him leave.


As much as it hurts to watch you leave, I must tell you I saw it coming.
It's so unfortunate you took a good girl for granted. You probably did not see my good part; maybe you did but they weren't good enough for you, so you have to go...
I can't forget how you misunderstood me on so many occasions
How lonely I felt while you were right before my eyes
How I missed you but did not communicate as you took it for being weak and too emotional when I showed care.
How I always wanted to hear you say" I love you" "I care and adore you" "I miss you", " I trust you" but you never said  them or chose when you used them.
Trust me when I say I saw it coming, the only thing that bothers me is why I'm still pained...
As I have always known that" No relationship is a complete waste of time" except you refuse to pick the lesson from it.
Thanks for the little time spent
Thanks for the unexpressed feelings
Thanks for the overreactions
Thanks for the little arguments that made us stay far from each other sometimes
Thank you for everything...

Most importantly, I learnt something really great (positive) from you which i would rather keep to myself and apply in my next and last relationship.

Finally, before i watch you leave,I just want to assure you that you will only see my best days, as the best of me will unravel as I take the bold step towards fulfilling and actualizing my dreams in life. I wish you all the best and have a good life without me by your side.

 *some relationships are not just meant to be... Don't force it.
 * He that will stay,will and will choose to work it out with you.
 * As much as you must love, you must never forget who you are.




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I am a prolific blogger, teen coach, mentor, author and the Chairman, Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation ( a movement that puts a smile on the faces of children via providing access to education). I am very passionate about building healthy relationships, people living their best life the way God intended and lifting children up to love and growth.  I blog consistently and you should go see what I am up to. 


Iboro said...

Great articles I must say

Ebijanded said...

Thanks partner

Unknown said...

True 'He that will stay will stay' and ladies over time have been victims of broken hearts and promises. We need to learn to guard our heart, trust our instinct and LET GO. Thanks ebijanded. I must say 21st Century girl needs to read this.