Thursday, March 9, 2017



Its funny how you call them children...
Do you really know what it means to be a child?
Is it not more than age?
Do not forget that they are human beings too
They have feelings...
They have needs...

They deserve to feel loved and needed
They want to be listened to and allowed to express themselves.
Instead of giving them the luxuries of life, teach them how it feels to live without it.
Even when you give them the luxuries, let them know they are not better than those who can't enjoy such...
Teach them values and etiquettes
Teach them to have sympathy and empathy
Teach them equality and respect 
Most importantly, help them stay happy, whether they are yours or another's.

Every child deserves to smile...


Helping a child smile, is helping a generation stay strong. Siaisiai Ebisidor foundation concerns herself with discovering the child's potential with a smile.

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I am a prolific blogger, teen coach, mentor, author and the Chairman, Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation ( a movement that puts a smile on the faces of children via providing access to education). I am very passionate about building healthy relationships, people living their best life the way God intended and lifting children up to love and growth.  I blog consistently and you should go see what I am up to.