Thursday, March 9, 2017



Okay, I am super glad about this topic. So many are guilty as charged. Over time,I have found out that assumptions are sometimes wrong. I can also tell you that your thoughts make up your assumptions on so many occasions. Your feelings and fears too as the case may be.

  • You either misjudge peoples actions when you assume why they act in a particular way. In some cases, when they say somethings, you assume they mean another thing. Most times, what you think,lead to how you feel and give birth to an assumptions for you.can I tell you something? The next time you find yourself assuming things,just pause on the assumption, give it a second thought, then communicate how you feel without allowing your assumption ruin your communication, you just might be wrong what you were assuming.

Do not misunderstand me, you could be right on your assumptions, but sometimes you end up hurting yourself when you assume...

Rather than making assumptions, give it a second thought, communicate on what you feel if need be and you would be glad you did not allow your assumptions rule you.


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