Monday, December 5, 2016



Dear Friends,

  Today, I want to hear your views on the one you prefer.. Talking to someone or reading a book as a guide...

  Well, for me,I prefer to talk to people than read books.
   When I read a book, I could say I just read someone's idea about something. Most times,I can appreciate the fact that the writer must have felt or listened to people's story and that probably motivated the book.

   But I would prefer to talk one on one with someone about things I find confusing. Besides,most times,reading could be boring and time consuming(smiles) I read anyways.

    Another reason why I would prefer to talk to someone is this; I appreciate the fact that I can see the person and I don't have to assume they understand how I feel. I can say exactly how I feel,cry in the process,get a hug afterwards plus soothing words to make a confusing moment feel right again.

     When you read these lovely books,you acquire knowledge and feel enlightened about somethings; but a greater feeling comes when you speak to someone and you can still ask questions regarding all you have discussed which will help you to be guided towards the right path.

     Lastly,I would rather prefer to attend seminars,symposiums, counseling sessions etc,than go pick a book from the library...

   Don't judge only makes me feel better and comfortable. I read anyways.
Feel free to tell me which makes you feel better.

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