Saturday, December 3, 2016

Daily confession by Ebijanded


Dear Lord,
its me again, saying thank you for yet another day
Your mercies are for me daily
Though,sometimes I hurt your feelings but you still pick me up when I fall
Today you have done it again. I think the right things today
I am only permitted to make progress
I don't dwell in my past,hurt,anger or pain.
I am edified,redefined and rebranded daily.
I am a delight some land.
I am a work in progress.
I am a city built upon a hill that cannot be hidden.
I am a royal priesthood.
I am a destiny builder.
I am not who or what people think I am.
I am a millionaire in the body of Christ.
Too laoded to be avoided.
I am the best amongst equals.
A source of joy to my world, family and nation.
A role model to young ones.
A challenge to my equals
A pacesetter aiming at leaving footprints on the sands of time
I have a positive mindset
A well active body system
I stand to attract good things and good people
Today I smile and stay happy because I deserve to be.
Thank You Lord, I am ready!!

                         Have a good day from Ebijanded.


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I am a prolific blogger, teen coach, mentor, author and the Chairman, Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation ( a movement that puts a smile on the faces of children via providing access to education). I am very passionate about building healthy relationships, people living their best life the way God intended and lifting children up to love and growth.  I blog consistently and you should go see what I am up to.