Monday, December 5, 2016



According to the oxford dictionary, A smile means a pleased,kind or amused facial expression typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.

A smile is the fastest and easiest way to calm ones nerve and makes a terrible looking day feel so good. Truth is we all have pains. We have our pains,struggles, hurts,disappointments and most times it's difficult to smile through it all.. I must tell you this today that no matter the story,you have to wear that smile.

Truth is people want to have the slightest opportunity to express their concerns, try not to let them know your hurts.. Wear that smile no matter how difficult it seems; just keep them wondering how you go through life.

Most importantly, I would like to tell you that everyone has his or her pain,story,struggle,hurt, but no one let's it show. They cover it all up with a smile.. You can do so too..wear that smile.

Smiling is what I do to stay happy and strong. When you smile, it does not take the pain,tears and hurt away but it does not make you feel bad about yourself at the end of the day. Encourage someone to smile always like I just did.

The best outfit you need after a good dress and cologne is a smile.

Never go a day without a smile.. You have no idea how amazing you look when you smile. Try it out...


Identity simply means who someone is or known for. Who you are and what your known for becomes your identity.

It grieves my heart to see many wander about with no positive identity... Some have lost their identity as a result of so many things.. Most times,they call it situational factors...

Whatever thing that has gone wrong, is your past and what I know about the past is that it is supposed to be behind us. You can build a better identity again. You just have to to put the past behind you, believe in yourself and be proud of your becoming...

Your identity is You. Stay true to self and build a positive identity.




What is purpose?

  Purpose is the reason behind an action or intention.
   Dating with a purpose simply means having the right understanding of what you are about getting yourself into and counting the cost before taking the step. Remember a wise man said "if the purpose of a thing is not known,abuse is inevitable." Intentions could either be good or bad as the case may be. My focus here would be the good intention.

  Having made it clear that my focus is on the right intention,I would like you to conduct this personal test on yourself to know if you are truely ready to date with a purpose.

1: Am I ready? Readiness is not about age,stature or position in the society. I'm talking about readiness as it concerns compromise, sacrifice,trust... Relationships do not work out because you are old enough, big enough,or well placed in the society. It works out if both parties are ready to make it work regardless of the setbacks you might encounter while trying to make it work.

2: Do I love God Enough.
 Trust me, how much you love God will go a long way in proving how much love you can give to the opposite sex. If you cannot love God 100% and observe His do's and don'ts,you just might find it hard to love the opposite sex.

Fact:Relationships centred on God works out better. As a matter of fact,your relationship success can be measured by how much you love God.
  God is love.
  God is the mastermind of love.
 How can you love perfectly without knowing the author of Love?
Fact: both parties must know God for themselves most especially as it concerns love..first Corinthian's 13..

3: Are My Intentions Right:
What are the reasons why you chose that person? What attracted you to the person? Often times, what attracts you to someone is the reason you think you need them and want them for a lifetime.

  Sex, big boobs, big bum,good looks, fat pocket, etc are not the major reasons you should date or accept someone into your life; dating with a purpose requires you to look beyond all that and act right.

 In my quest for knowledge, I have found out that all the qualities we listed, does not make a better relationship. But if you find someone with good looks,you can go ahead but ensure that good looks is not all they have.

 Finally,to date with purpose is to have a positive future in mind already with your partner.. No room for lessons,regrets or hurts..Weigh your intentions.



 Shout out to all the guys out there.I hope you find my piece interesting.. Today, I write as a mouthpiece for all ladies..
  I need you to know that these ladies ought to be respected,cherished and loved. Enough of how terrible you make her feel. Learn to see all ladies like your sister, mum or daughter..

  Few weeks ago,I got engaged in a conversation and I was shocked by what I heard.. It's funny how you guys kiss and tell... Can't you keep stuff to yourself? The question that comes to my mind is this; now that you said all that happened between you and her to a third party,how does it make you feel?

  I have never heard that an award was given to any man regarding the times he did the wrong things to a lady... You know the things you talk about; why then do you derive joy in telling people the things you did.. That's not janded.

  Ladies would respect you more if they know they can trust you with anything. Please guys, change your mentality most especially how you see and treat ladies. You must not speak if all you can say are negative things about her. You are either telling the world how you slept with her or how your friend did.. Really? Is that all you can say? Please, times are changing..if you cannot help or assist her in becoming better,just let her be. Enough of how you make ladies feel.

Do you remember you have a sister? Oh! If you don't, you will have a daughter someday. BE NICE.


Dear Friends,

  Today, I want to hear your views on the one you prefer.. Talking to someone or reading a book as a guide...

  Well, for me,I prefer to talk to people than read books.
   When I read a book, I could say I just read someone's idea about something. Most times,I can appreciate the fact that the writer must have felt or listened to people's story and that probably motivated the book.

   But I would prefer to talk one on one with someone about things I find confusing. Besides,most times,reading could be boring and time consuming(smiles) I read anyways.

    Another reason why I would prefer to talk to someone is this; I appreciate the fact that I can see the person and I don't have to assume they understand how I feel. I can say exactly how I feel,cry in the process,get a hug afterwards plus soothing words to make a confusing moment feel right again.

     When you read these lovely books,you acquire knowledge and feel enlightened about somethings; but a greater feeling comes when you speak to someone and you can still ask questions regarding all you have discussed which will help you to be guided towards the right path.

     Lastly,I would rather prefer to attend seminars,symposiums, counseling sessions etc,than go pick a book from the library...

   Don't judge only makes me feel better and comfortable. I read anyways.
Feel free to tell me which makes you feel better.

Saturday, December 3, 2016



Proverbs 31 woman..

An uncommon woman is not common.

Before she became an uncommon woman,she was once an uncommon girl and also an uncommon lady.
The uncommon woman is a weak and strong person.
She knows when to listen or speak..
She does not believe in sex but stuff.. Her stuffs her the major components that make her up.. Character....

She appears ordinary but does extra ordinary things..
She does not believe in association to stand out.
She believes in being unique.


1: Proverbs 31:10
 She is not common; in this regard there is a finding.. You must find her.

2: Proverbs 31:15
 She is an early riser.. She plans and think ahead. She ensures that everything is accurately done.

3: Proverbs 31:16,22,24,27.
  She is industrious.. She makes something out of nothing.. She is useful with her hands.. She is creative.
4: Proverbs31: 11,12,23,28.
  She is a pride to her family, husband,kids community etc.. She is a source of joy to everyone.
Her children look up to her and take her as their first role model. Her husband cherishes her because her character in the environment makes everyone respect him.
5: Proverbs 31:26,30
  She fears the Lord... Everything she concerns herself and her household is knowing and referencing God as long as they live..

Fact: To be virtuous is to stay connected to God.

Fact: A virtuous woman is always conscious of her words..she speaks only wise and positive words.

Fact: She stays close to God so as to resist the temptations of the world.

Fact: She lives what she believes.



THAT KINDA GIRL... By Ebijanded

THAT KINDA GIRL... By Ebijanded

Hello dear readers,
 Today I will be sharing something I titled That Kinda Girl.. I will tell us who she is and the mystery behind that her... I also want to encourage her to stay strong.

That kinda girl is always at the top of her game.

She's not necessarily beautiful as the case implies but she's got a beautiful soul.

 She's that girl that you can take to mama..

But, i would like to tell you there's a mystery behind that girl.

That kinda girl appears strong but she's weak inside. Not weak in knowing and understanding her worth but not completely as strong as she looks.
She's that girl who has spent most of her time fighting to be strong and become all she ever dreamt of becoming despite the difficulties in becoming it.
She's got a beautiful smile on for everybody to see but in her closet,she weeps and cries to be understood,loved and cherished.
That kinda girl could be pretty but most times not the natural beauty. Now it's difficult to cherish the inner beauty of that kinda girl except you come close,listen to her story,understand her completely, then you would learn to cherish her forever..
She has lost more than she has gained.
She has cried more than the times she laughed.
She has fought more wars than the time she was celebrated.
She looks super awesome in her lovely dresses and heel shoes,wears nice make-up and looks like everything is going well for her,but the reverse is the case because as soon she comes back to her closet,she takes off her dress,removes her shoes in haste,takes off her make up and suddenly remembers all her pains and prays someone just might know how she feels inside...
When she finds no one to express her fears,pains and disappointments to,she looks into the mirror in tears and speaks to herself and whispers words like.. How long will I feel this way?
Is there anyone out there who can hear the wordsvin my heart that I cannot utter..
Will I ever be happy..
Don't I deserve to be happy like every other girl out there...
Too many questions flow through her mind but she finds no help or response to them; so she wipes the tears from her eyes, braces herself up and come out looking strong and happy.
That kinda girl can be called a fighter. She knows her worth and would never want to be devalued.
She stays strong and believes in her dreams and aspirations.

All that kinda girl wants is a little bit of time towards finding herself...

 To all you ladies out there who are fighting,I encourage you to keep fighting..I see a conqueror in you and I believe in you. Together we can make a difference.  Stay strong pretty.  


Daily confession by Ebijanded

Daily confession by Ebijanded

Dear Lord,
its me again, saying thank you for yet another day
Your mercies are for me daily
Though,sometimes I hurt your feelings but you still pick me up when I fall
Today you have done it again. I think the right things today
I am only permitted to make progress
I don't dwell in my past,hurt,anger or pain.
I am edified,redefined and rebranded daily.
I am a delight some land.
I am a work in progress.
I am a city built upon a hill that cannot be hidden.
I am a royal priesthood.
I am a destiny builder.
I am not who or what people think I am.
I am a millionaire in the body of Christ.
Too laoded to be avoided.
I am the best amongst equals.
A source of joy to my world, family and nation.
A role model to young ones.
A challenge to my equals
A pacesetter aiming at leaving footprints on the sands of time
I have a positive mindset
A well active body system
I stand to attract good things and good people
Today I smile and stay happy because I deserve to be.
Thank You Lord, I am ready!!

                         Have a good day from Ebijanded.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Keep It Low..

Keep It Low..

Sometimes we get too anxious that we find ourselves rushing into stuffs or ringing the bell too quick.  You must learn to keep things on the low regardless of how eager you feel to let the cat out of the bag..

Do not forget that you don't know how others feel about you and your happiness even if they act like they really do care,keep it Low still.

Like I always tell people, low-key is the master key.

                                                            *talk2Ebijanded *

Friday, November 4, 2016



Dear Ladies,

 I just want you to know that you are special and unique in your own way.

 Never allow anyone look down on you or talk you down. As a matter of fact ,

You are special.
You are unique.
You are pretty.
You are amazing.
You are distinct.
You are royalty.
You are pretty.
You are beautiful.

Anything less of this descriptions does not explain you. Stay pretty deary.